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Our Sponsor-A-Kitty program is ideal for people who can't have a cat of their own or who just want to help a cat who probably will never find a home.  For a monthly donation of $15.00 you can become a sponsor of the cat of your choice.  This money goes towards the cat's food, vet bills, etc.

All you need to do is pick a cat and send us an e-mail or letter. We need to know the name of your chosen cat as well as your name and address.  We will send you a computer-generated photo as well as any information we have on the cat

Once a month you send in your sponsor check.  Please include the cat's name or the word sponsor on the check or on a separate sheet of paper.

Our sponsor kitties always enjoy a visit from you and will welcome you at any time during normal shelter hours.  You are also free to call us and check on your kitty.  Our phone number is (219) 874-6932

Here are some of our many kitties we have available for sponsorship.  These are all special needs cats.  They have either FIV (the feline version of HIV), FeLV (feline Leukemia), FIP (feline infectious peritonitis), CURI (chronic upper respiratory), or are intestinally challenged.


Angel Big Gray Buster Griselda
Joey Frosty Marvin Maximus
Meatloaf Mikey Minette Mittens
Mr. Tibbs Ranger Shelly Sinbad
      We have more kitties available for sponsor at the Shelter
William Benny Spade Come visit us!




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