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Fried's has around 350 cats at this time; most of the cats are available for adoption.  Adoption fees vary according to the age of the cat.

Our adoption fee varies in prices. Seniors we waive the adoption fee.  Just having a senior cat get a forever home is payment enough for us.  Adult cats range in price from $25-$45 depending on their age, what was already done in vet work prior to coming in, and if their vaccinations need updating or are current.  Kittens that have already been done by the vet that comes to our shelter once a week are $55.00.  This covers the spay/neuter, first shots, testing for Feline Leukemia and FIV, nail trim, ear cleanse, flea treatment, and microchipping.  (This vet only does shelter cats and the TNR (trap neuter release) of the feral colonies.)  Kittens that haven't been done yet are $110.00.  With these kittens you receive a voucher that you take to Dr. Reed at Westchester Animal Clinic.  The vet will do everything on the voucher and bill us for it.  The voucher includes the spaying or neutering of the cat, the vaccinations, blood work to assure the cat is free from FIV and Feline Leukemia, deworming, ear mite treatment, and general exam. 

These cats are currently available for adoption. You can click on the thumbnail for a larger image. 

Crystal Ball Piper           Pumpkin Spice Gidget
Penny Ajax               Sethanne Spotty
Blossom Lilac          Beast Chaos
Ace Black Jack           Bacardi Gallagher
There are many more at the shelter. 
Tippy Batman                   O'Malley  



Kitten Adoption


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