Fried's Cat Shelter history

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Fried's Cat Shelter was founded by Hans and Lucille Fried in 1977.  The Frieds came to the United States in 1939 from Nazi Germany.  In the late 1970's they sold their home in Beverly Shores, Indiana to buy an old roadside motel in Michigan City, Indiana.  They turned the motel into a no-kill, cageless shelter for homeless and abandoned felines.

The Frieds did not believe in euthanization as a solution to the cat overpopulation problem.  Hans became known by his favorite saying:

"To save a life is more in conformity with God's law than to kill"

Hans and Lucille felt that spaying and neutering would correct the problem and be a much more humane solution.  It was their dream to create a safe haven for all felines who needed it.

The Frieds passed away in the early 1990's, but their legacy is still being carried out today by our Board of Directors.  Fried's Cat Shelter is still a no-kill, cageless sanctuary that thoroughly believes in spaying and neutering as the most effective method to control the feline population.

Today our shelter consists of two buildings and houses over three hundred cats. The main building is home to the largest population of cats and also houses the offices and our gift shop.  The second smaller building is home to our cats with special medical needs, such as those with FIV,  feline Leukemia and FIP. 

All of the cats here at Fried's Cat Shelter are guaranteed a home for life and are cared for by our professional staff and wonderful volunteers. 


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