Howdy everyone, my name is Ajax.  I was found at a convenience store/gas station that is near the home of one of the employees at Fried's.  Since the girls at the gas station know Cyndi they called her about me.  She came and picked me and brought me to the shelter. As you can see I am a handsome large boy that is mostly black with white on my chest, belly and rear toes.  I was already neutered when I came in, but I did get microchipped, tested negative for Feline Leukemia and FIV, and my shots started.  My shots aren't current right now, but the distempter and leukemia vaccinations will hopefully be updated by the time someone wants to give me a forever home.  If they aren't the girls can do that at Fried's before I leave for my new home.  Hopefully my forever family will show up soon.